I am the Chair of the Department of International and Middle Eastern Studies as well as Assistant Professor of International Studies at the American University in Dubai. Previously, I was a Cordier Fellow at Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) where I taught Conceptual Foundations of International Politics to incoming Master’s degree students. My PhD dissertation, “A World Without Poverty: Negotiating the Global Development Agenda,” examines the political processes, interests, and preferences of international actors in creating the Millennium Development Goals. My academic research draws on my international development experience working for UNDP and the World Bank in New York, Washington DC, Nepal, MENA and Southeast Asia. My areas of interest include international relations, political economy of development and multilateral diplomacy with a focus on international organizations, development theory and policy, and migration.

Academic Focus

Power is central to multilateral negotiations, in which states and international organizations engage in order to define, measure, implement and evaluate development goals. In my dissertation, "A World Without Poverty: Negotiating the Global Development Agenda," I examine the interaction between actors, interests and institutions in order to understand the emergence of poverty reduction as the ultimate objective of development. Building on that project, my current research focuses on the implementation of internationally agreed goals, such as the MDGs and SDGs.